Commercial Mixes

We design and produce concrete to meet requirements stated in the International Building Code (IBC), American Concrete Institute (ACI), and American Standards For Testing Materials (ASTM), as well as specific state codes and commercial project concrete specifications.

Residential Mixes

We design and produce concrete to meet the specific needs of the small business contractor used for residential projects in accordance with ACI, ASTM, and local governing specifications.

DOT Certified

We are certified to deliver all classes of concrete specified in Section 812 of Delaware DOT Standard Specifications and Publication 408, Section 704 of Pennsylvania DOT Specifications.

Lightweight Concrete

We design and produce structural lightweight concrete with an average low density of 110 pcf for use when point of concrete placement can’t carry the load of 150 pcf normal weight concrete.

Stamped Concrete

We have designed concrete mixes that have the sand and stone proportioned specifically for use in stamped concrete. The mix is compatible with most concrete colors and can be utilized by either the commercial or residential contractor.

Shotcrete Mixes

We design and produce concrete and mortar mixes specifically for application through a hose or pneumatically shot at high velocity.

Pumpable Mixes

We design and produce mixes specifically for use with concrete pump equipment utilized for transferring concrete long distances, through small diameter lines and in difficult to reach applications.

Flowable Fill Mixes

We design and produce flowable fill mixes meeting the requirements for Controlled Low Strength Material (CLSM) both hand grade and machine grade removal as well as CLSM Low Density.

SCC Mixes

We design and produce self-consolidating concrete (SCC) for any application where consolidation by normal vibration is not desired or is prohibited due to location, limited human resources or confinement of space by rebar placement.

Curb Machine Mixes

We design and produce mixes with low slump and aggregate distribution that is specific for use with curb machines.