Grout Mixes

We design and produce grout in accordance with ASTM C476. We have mix designs for both fine and coarse grout as well as high strength grouts of 6000 PSI and greater.

Pervious Mixes

We produce a pervious mix that is designed to allow complete water drainage through the concrete into a specially prepared subgrade for use in areas where there are environmental concerns and water runoff is restricted.

LEED Certified Mixes

We design and produce mixes for use on LEED certified projects. The percentage of regionally supplied and recycled material is maximized and supporting documentation is provided.

High Early Strength Concrete

We design and produce High Early Strength mixes that produce strengths of 3000-5000 PSI in as little as 6 – 24 hours, as specified.

Exposed Aggregate Mixes

We have designed and produced mixes with numerous different coarse aggregates available (examples: grey cut stone or river gravel in small, large and blended sizes). The mixes are designed specifically with a greater amount of the aggregate to be exposed for best visual results and can be utilized for all techniques used to expose the aggregate.

High Strength Mixes

We design and produce HES mixes starting at 5,000 PSI and reaching as high as 15,000 PSI. We utilize a new generation high range water reducer with polycarboxylate polymer technology that provides both the water reduction and workability required in high cementitious mixes along with proprietary blends pozzolanic and cementitious material.

Thermal Concrete

We design and produce both a backfill and a 4500 PSI concrete mix that meet thermal resistivity requirements of no higher than 50 degrees Celsius- cm/W at 4% moisture content and no higher than 85 degrees Celsius-cm/W at 0% moisture content.