Ready-Mix Concrete

Commercial Mixes

We design and produce concrete to meet requirements stated in the International Building Code (IBC), American Concrete Institute (ACI), and American Standards For Testing Materials (ASTM), as well as specific state codes and commercial project concrete specifications.

Residential Mixes

We design and produce concrete to meet the specific needs of the small business contractor used for residential projects in accordance with ACI, ASTM, and local governing specifications.

DOT Certified

We are certified to deliver all classes of concrete specified in Section 812 of Delaware DOT Standard Specifications and Publication 408, Section 704 of Pennsylvania DOT Specifications.

Lightweight Concrete

We design and produce structural lightweight concrete with an average low density of 110 pcf for use when point of concrete placement can’t carry the load of 150 pcf normal weight concrete.

Stamped Concrete

We have designed concrete mixes that have the sand and stone proportioned specifically for use in stamped concrete. The mix is compatible with most concrete colors and can be utilized by either the commercial or residential contractor.

Shotcrete Mixes

We design and produce concrete and mortar mixes specifically for application through a hose or pneumatically shot at high velocity.

Pumpable Mixes

We design and produce mixes specifically for use with concrete pump equipment utilized for transferring concrete long distances, through small diameter lines and in difficult to reach applications.

Flowable Fill Mixes

We design and produce flowable fill mixes meeting the requirements for Controlled Low Strength Material (CLSM) both hand grade and machine grade removal as well as CLSM Low Density.

SCC Mixes

We design and produce self-consolidating concrete (SCC) for any application where consolidation by normal vibration is not desired or is prohibited due to location, limited human resources or confinement of space by rebar placement.

Curb Machine Mixes

We design and produce mixes with low slump and aggregate distribution that is specific for use with curb machines.

Grout Mixes

We design and produce grout in accordance with ASTM C476. We have mix designs for both fine and coarse grout as well as high strength grouts of 6000 PSI and greater.

Pervious Mixes

We produce a pervious mix that is designed to allow complete water drainage through the concrete into a specially prepared subgrade for use in areas where there are environmental concerns and water runoff is restricted.

LEED Certified Mixes

We design and produce mixes for use on LEED certified projects. The percentage of regionally supplied and recycled material is maximized and supporting documentation is provided.

High Early Strength Concrete

We design and produce High Early Strength mixes that produce strengths of 3000-5000 PSI in as little as 6 – 24 hours, as specified.

Exposed Aggregate Mixes

We have designed and produced mixes with numerous different coarse aggregates available (examples: grey cut stone or river gravel in small, large and blended sizes). The mixes are designed specifically with a greater amount of the aggregate to be exposed for best visual results and can be utilized for all techniques used to expose the aggregate.

High Strength Mixes

We design and produce HES mixes starting at 5,000 PSI and reaching as high as 15,000 PSI. We utilize a new generation high range water reducer with polycarboxylate polymer technology that provides both the water reduction and workability required in high cementitious mixes along with proprietary blends pozzolanic and cementitious material.

Thermal Concrete

We design and produce both a backfill and a 4500 PSI concrete mix that meet thermal resistivity requirements of no higher than 50 degrees Celsius- cm/W at 4% moisture content and no higher than 85 degrees Celsius-cm/W at 0% moisture content.

Concrete Additives


We carry regular and non-chloride water-reducing, accelerating admixtures. The non-chloride admixture meets the requirements of ASTM C494 Types C and E and is utilized where high early strength is requested yet the use of calcium chloride is prohibited. Both accelerators provide increased early strength and accelerated set times.


We carry a water-reducing, retarding admixture that complies with ASTM C494 Types B and D. Retarder is effective in offsetting the accelerating effects of high ambient temperatures, initial set time delay, and mass concrete pours.

Super Plasticizer

We utilize a new generation, high range water reducing (HRWR) and superplastizing admixture that is made with polycarboxylate polymer technology. This HRWR provides excellent plasticity while maintaining slump for up to 90 minutes. Our HRWR meets the requirements of ASTM C494 Types A and F as well providing up to 45% water reduction at high dosage rates.

Mid-Range Water Reducer

We utilize a new generation water reducing admixture that is made with polycarboxylate polymer technology. Our mid-range water reducer meets the requirements of ASTM C494 Types A and F as well providing 10-15% water reduction.

Micro and Macro Fibers

We carry a variety of different manufacturers and types of fibers, from micro-fibers designed to help mitigate plastic shrinkage cracking to macro synthetic/synthetic fibers used for secondary reinforcement eliminating welded wire mesh to steel fibers used in industrial foundations and slabs. All of our fibers conform to ASTM C1116.

Silica Fume

We utilize a densified dry powder micro silica admixture that meets the requirements of ASTM C1240 and contains a minimum of 85% silicon dioxide. The silica fume admixture dramatically increases compressive and flexural strength, reduces permeability, and increases durability and resistance to corrosion.

Shrinkage Reducing

We use a shrinkage reducing admixture to produce high performance concrete with greatly reduced drying shrinkage. Laboratory tests show that shrinkage utilizing this admixture can be reduced by as much as 40%.

Underwater Anti-Washout

We utilize an anti-washout biopolymer admixture for underwater placement of concrete and grout that meets the requirements of RD-C661-06. This admixture can be used in both fresh and salt water and can reduce or eliminate dewatering cost.


We utilize a variety of manufacturers and types of integral waterproofing admixtures. The waterproofing admixtures are added at the time of batching; therefore, it is not subject to climatic restraints. The waterproofer fills the pores and capillary tracts in the concrete so that the concrete becomes permanently sealed against the penetration of water or liquids, and is protected from deterioration due to harsh environmental conditions.

ASR Control

We utilize an admixture to control alkali-silica reactivity when specified and the use of a pozzolan is prohibited. This admixture reacts with alkali silica gel that can form in concrete; the gel now containing lithium ions does not have the tendency to swell and expand in the presence of moisture and thereby minimizes deleterious expansion cracks due to ASR.

Viscosity Modifier

We utilize a liquid-based viscosity modifying admixture to improve stability and segregation resistance in high slump applications to include our SCC mix designs.

Corrosion Inhibitor

We utilize a calcium nitrite-based admixture designed to inhibit the corrosion of steel in reinforced concrete. The corrosion inhibitor fortifies the ferric oxide passivating layer prior to the penetration of chlorides. The nitrate ions convert ferrous oxide to more resistant ferric oxide which protects the steel reinforcement from corroding.

DOT Rapid Set

We utilize a non-chloride hardening accelerator to increase the early strength of concrete without affecting the initial workability. This hardening accelerator is approved and used by DOTs for applications where roadways must be re-opened the same day the concrete is poured.

Air Entraining

We utilize an air-entraining admixture that is an aqueous solution of organic materials and complies with ASTM C260. Air entrainment improves durability, workability, and placeability.



Crushed stone is available for delivery or pickup at any of our concrete plant locations. Crushed stone is available in ASTM C33 size/gradation requirements for #8 (½”), #57/67 (1”) and #467 (1½”).


Round, smooth gravel is available for delivery or pickup at any of our concrete plant locations. Gravel is available in ASTM C33 sizes/gradation requirements for 3/8” pea gravel and #57/67 (1”).


Sand is available for pickup at any of our concrete plant locations. We carry natural sand that meets the gradation requirements of ASTM C33.

Recycled Crushed Concrete

Recycled crushed concrete that can be used as an aggregate base material is available for pickup.